Our Wines

Our wine list is carefully composed to represent many flavor profiles and great values. Our selection features wine from around the world and we specialize in boutique, or small-production wineries. We are over 120 bottles strong at Wine Squared, with 25 or more available by the glass. In addition, we also have a rotating selection of craft beer, check out our seasonal menu for our current selections.



European Elegance



The legacy of winemaking originates from what is aptly termed, β€œthe Old World,” specifically Europe. Traditions are deeply ingrained in every aspect of the curation process, from picking, to harvesting and fermentation and so forth. Even with the strictness, one finds an uncanny sense of elegance. The terroir-forward taste of earthiness of Old World wines embodies that formative combination of tradition and elegance with every sip .


Flavor Profiles:

  • Light-body 
  • Terroir
  • Mouthy feel
  • Elegant
  • Traditional


New world wonder



To be frank, New World wines encompass all wines not made in Europe. This realm of wine is more wine-maker centric, full of personal style and a dash of flair. Here, the winemaker is more involved with each step, and has more opportunities to be adventurous with cultivation choices. At Wine Squared, we always work to provide a blend of many different New World wines from many special and wondrous places.  


flavor profiles:

  • Fruity
  • Jammy
  • Full-bodied
  • Sensational

Craft Beer

Hoppy Splendor



Over the last decade, craft beer has come into its own as a prominent figure in the libations community. More and more, consumers recognize the hard work of the local brewer, and appreciate the dedication to taste and integrity of product. With these shared values transcending both beer and wine communities, we thought it only fitting to add craft beer to our selections. Our taps selections are consistently rotated, adhering to our Texas roots by offering foremost local brews from surrounding breweries.


Flavor profiles: 

  • Crispy & Clean
  • Malty & Sweet
  • Dark & Roasty
  • Hoppy & Bitter 
  • Fruity & Spicy 
  • Sour & Funky