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Hey y’all! I’m Wandaliz.

I moved to Denton in 2008 and Wine Squared instantly became a second home for me. All of my current friends I’ve met here or through these same people. It’s my safe place; my real life Cheers, ha! If I could be any wine, I’d be a carafe of Sangria - yeah, I said it! I work hard and play harder. I try to be a good mom and friend to those around me, even strangers sometimes. I’m also a crazy dog mom and love my dogs and ALL dogs with my heart! If I were a superhero, my power would be to communicate with animals, especially rescues. Wine Squared is such a welcoming, relaxing place free of pretentious airs that make it an inviting place for anyone, no matter your level of wine experience.  We are very different, from all walks of life and generations (!) but somehow we come together to provide Dentonites with an amazing place to socialize and enjoy the best vino in Denton County. Salud!