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Heey, I’m George!

I was brought to Wine Squared by an offer of an opportunity to join the team 3 years ago, just after moving back from New York City. Today, I am the proud owner! I’m a bubbly, outgoing, kind-spirited human being. I try not to take myself too seriously, and hope to make everyone feel welcome. To others, I’m vivacious, rambunctious, and only a little bit ridiculous.


If I could be a wine, I would be BUBBLES! White Burgundy, Provence Rosé, all of the bubbles. My superpower would be super metabolism, so I could eat all of the cheese and crackers without gaining weight. Or you know, Storm would be great too because she’s awesome!


Wine Squared to me is friendly, eclectic, energetic, eventful, and just plain lovely. We have knowledgeable, one-of-a-kind staff who are personable and eager to share our diverse wine list with our guests. Come by for a glass and get to know us better! At Wine Squared, we are always family.

Jason BodorOwner