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Planet of the Angst w/ Spiderweb Salon

Oh, those good old angsty teenage years. Raging hormones, life-or-death love, and so. much. poetry. Thank goodness we're not there anymore. But, for one night only, Spiderweb Salon is leading an expedition to that once familiar place: the Planet of the Angst.

Come join wordsmiths and music makers on the cozy patio of Wine Squared as they read and perform the angstiest of the work they made as teenagers. Let's celebrate our departure from the terrors of that planet while we acknowledge our debt to the art that got us through! We can't wait to see you there.


-- Ashlea Britton
-- Caitlin Pryor
-- Courtney Marie
-- Elise Matthews
-- Fatima-Ayan Malika Hirsi
-- Ina Thomas
-- Krystal Norton
-- Lane Garner
-- Marco Zavala
-- Skip
-- Michelle Muenzler
-- Sean Enfield
-- Stevie Edwards

Showcase curated by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam & hosted by Christopher David Taylor and Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam

Want to get in on the angsty action? In the coming month, we'll be setting up a zine workshop and creating a zine to pair with this dramatic & fantastically themed showcase. We'd love for you to be a part!

This show is FREE to our patreon subscribers ( and otherwise has a $5 suggested donation so we can continue to do what we do! For more information about Spiderweb Salon, our writers and artists, and our many projects, check out