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Coast to Coast with Spiderweb Salon

Please join us in welcoming two dear friends of ours visiting from far away! Marcus Jade is touring from NYC and making his first appearance on the scene in DFW, and we'll be catching Denton-raised Colin Winnette from San Francisco on the last leg of his tour for his frightening new book, the Job of the Wasp. Accompanying them will be a brilliant host of local talent to round out the evening to welcome our friends to town in true Spiderweb Salon style.

This show is free but we highly encourage guests to support the touring artists monetarily by donating to their travel expenses and/or by purchasing a book or music!


- Bess Whitby
- Erica Whitt
- Francesca Framer
- Kim Nall
- Leoncarlo Canlas
- Maureen Leak
- Megan Storie
- Tony Ferraro


Marcus Jade is a singer-songwriter and guitar player who started self-learning his way around a guitar at 14 years old. By that time, he discovered he was drawn into and emerged in Indianapolis' eclectic music and art scene that found him at everything from house shows, underground and basement sets, to DIY venues. His appreciation of music allowed him to mesh with many outfits across genres, from Hip-Hop, to Punk, to Metal, to Zydeco, before settling into his own skin. This expression found him re-igniting his love and passion for blues music, writing and composing his own music. Currently living and jamming in Brooklyn, he has found a steady rhythm between offering his medicine at shoes across the New York City metro area and producing more songs. Give him a listen here and you'll be hooked:

Colin Winnette is from Denton, Texas. He is the author of Revelation (Mutable Sound), Animal Collection (Spork), Fondly (Atticus Books), Coyote (Les Figues), and Haints Stay (Two Dollar Radio). His novels have been translated into Italian and French. His latest novel, The Job of the Wasp, is being released this year from Soft Skull Press, and we're gathering to celebrate in his hometown!